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Social Security Disability Overview With The Disability Advocates Group

Raleigh Social Security Disability LawyerA Raleigh Social Security disability advocate knows how much an injury can disrupt your life and set you back financially. Being seriously injured can prevent you from working and earning an income, and may inhibit your ability to perform basic activities. Social Security Disability Insurance helps many people in this country cover their medical bills and other related expenses so that their healthcare needs can be met. If you need assistance applying for disability benefits or want to appeal a decision, you should speak with us at the Disability Advocates Group.

Eligibility Requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is provided to people with a severe medical condition that lasts for at least one year and prevents them from working. If you fulfill certain earning requirements you may qualify for benefits. You can request disability insurance by completing an online or paper application. When you apply for benefits or appeal a decision, you have the right to be represented by a Raleigh Social Security disability advocate.

Raleigh Social Security Disability Advocate Helps You Apply for Benefits

Applying for disability insurance is a complicated and tedious process. The majority of claims are denied because the applicants didn’t prove that they satisfied the eligibility requirements, failed to substantiate the full extent of their injuries, or didn’t provide necessary documentation before a deadline expired. Many of these mishaps can be avoided by retaining an experienced Raleigh Social Security disability advocate.

When the agency is reviewing your application, they are trying to accurately determine the severity of your medical condition; if your condition prevents you from performing the same type of work you did in the past; and if you are able to do any other type of work. You need to provide information regarding your work history, income, and medical condition. A Raleigh Social Security disability advocate is able to build a strong case on your behalf in order to improve your chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

Contact a Raleigh Social Security Disability Advocate

If you need assistance with a disability claim, schedule a consultation with the Disability Advocates Group. A Raleigh Social Security disability advocate can provide invaluable legal counsel and will answer all of your questions. Call our toll-free number: (866) 216-0456 or email us at