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Conditions That May Be Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits

A variety of impairments may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Generally, the easiest way to qualify for benefits is if your medical condition is “listed” in the Social Security Administration (SSA) regulations. If your impairment is listed, you may be deemed automatically eligible for benefits. However, if your condition is not listed, you may still be eligible for benefits. The process to prove your eligibility can be more complicated and involve additional steps and you will want to contact a disability advocate.

Common Medical Conditions

Some common medical conditions that applicants may receive disability benefits for include:

  • Anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most common mental disabilities that applicants claim. Anxiety generally includes a variety of fears such as generalized persistent anxiety, having specific phobias, panic disorders, and obsessive-compulsiveness.
  • Bi-Polar Disorder. Another common mental impairment, bi-polar disorder generally involves someone suffering from mania followed by severe depression. Both conditions can impact someone’s ability to work such as making the person extremely distractible, overly active, difficulty sleeping, or suffering from the lows and symptoms of depression.
  • Chronic Injuries and Pain. Chronic pain is a physical impairment that can include reoccurring and persistent pain to a specific area like your back, knee, or hands.
  • Diabetes. Someone diagnosed with diabetes may be qualifying for benefits if he or she suffers from disorganization of motor functions, problems with vision, or other related disorders.
  • Worn-Out Worker. This special impairment applies to disabled individuals with a low level of education who have worked at least 35 years at certain unskilled labor positions. These individuals may be eligible for benefits if they are no longer capable of performing their jobs due to an impairment.

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